Arno ter Burg

Pianist, componist, organist & arrangeur


Arno ter Burg (1973) started organlessons, at the age of 8, with Richard Kroes. When he was 9, he studied piano with Guy de Werd at the School for Music in Eindhoven. Arno studied piano and chambermusic with Alexandre Hrisanide at the Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg and followed lessons composition and orchestra conducting. He gained his diploma in 2000. He also studied piano with Lena Basova and lessons at the fortepiano with Paul Komen. Arno has taken part in several masterclasses: piano and composition with Menachem Wiesenberg, chambermusic with Sherban Lupu and a masterclass with operadirector Peter Sellars.


Arno is now pianist/organist and director of music at the Holy Brigid Church in Geldrop. He teaches piano and composition at the School for Music in Eindhoven (CKE).

Arno was also active as a member of the music-commission from the 'Wintertuinconcerts' at the Catharina-hospital in Eindhoven.

Arno is an accompanist for singers. He studied song-interpretation with Bernard Kruysen and Erica Pauwels (Belgium). In 1999 he was a laureate in Gent (Belgium), as accompanist, at a singing competition. He is accompanist of the mezzosoprano Patricia Heesakkers and performs in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and England.

As a composer, Arno is very active. In 2004 he composed an organpiece (Postlude), specially written for the restauration of the organ in the Holy Brigid Church in Geldrop. He composed five masses for mixed-choir and organ (orchestra), the Mass in C and the Mass in D, for three women-voices (2005) and the Mass in E (2011). He also wrote his Ave Verum Corpus, Pater Noster and Ave Maria for 3 female-voices choir a-capella and a Pater Noster for mixed-choir.
In 2013 he was commissioned to compose a piece (‘Te Deum’) for choir, soloists and orchestra. In september 2016 the ‘Mass in D’ for SATB and organ was premiered. He composed several songs, for example his Wordsworth Songs (seven songs with text from William Wordsworth), Dickinson Songs and Blake Songs. Arno is arranger for the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NBE).

On april the 16th 2017, Arno was knighted in the order of Oranje-Nassau.